Friday, May 27, 2016

Walker's Bluff

Walker's Bluff and the Chamber of Commerce are making a big push this weekend to show support for The Resort at Walker's Bluff at Herrinfesta Italiana. Apparently the plans for expanding the Resort, and coincidentally bringing 1200+ construction jobs and 700+ resort jobs hinge on the state approving a gambling (or it is more euphemistically call these days, gaming) bill which would allow the development of a casino at the Walker's Bluff complex. No casino bill, no jobs.

As long as the folks at Walker's Bluff are footing the bill for the complex, that means no tax dollars or waivers going to help fund it, I lean towards supporting it. We do need to be aware though that research shows bringing large scale gambling into an area, and this is gambling, brings an increase in crime and addicted gamblers, for which someone will have to foot the bill.

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