Monday, February 29, 2016

Wanna Hotel?

The city is looking for someone to develop, but first demolish, the old Horizon Inn/Holiday Inn property on East Main:

The City of Carbondale is soliciting requests for proposals (RFP) for redevelopment of a 7.71 acre tract of land that is located at 800 East Main Street within the corporate limits of Carbondale. This property was formerly the Holiday Inn/Horizon Inn and consists of two, 2-story masonry buildings, totaling approximately 120,000 square feet. This property is located just west of Carbondale’s primary retail corridor and is zoned Secondary Business (SB). The property is located in the Jackson County Enterprise Zone which qualifies it for real estate and sales tax abatements for new construction. It is the desire of the City of Carbondale to partner with a developer that has both the experience and financial capacity to develop the site into a premier, high-quality commercial development.

Formal development proposals for the project are being solicited with the deadline for formal submission of proposals by April 15, 2016. Interested developers can obtain a copy of the RFP along with a “Developer Packet” from the City Manager’s office at Carbondale City Hall, 200 S. Illinois Avenue. The basis of this RFP is to provide potential developers with specific information regarding the project, pertinent community data, an outline of the format for proposals, and process for reviewing and selecting a development team to work directly with the City in undertaking this project. The City of Carbondale’s intention is to select the proposal that best addresses the needs of the community, meets the criteria as set forth in this RFP, and is most consistent with the overall development goals and Comprehensive Plan of the City. The City will enter into an agreement to sell the property to the most qualified developer. Proposals that offer the greatest economic potential to the community will receive priority consideration.

Development Objectives:
The objectives that the City of Carbondale seeks to achieve from this project include the following:

¨ Convey the property to a developer for the purpose of developing a high-quality, commercial development
that will complement Carbondale’s existing business community and be a major generator of real estate and
sales tax revenue. The Developer will be required to demolish the existing buildings and remove all
wreckage from the property within 180 days following conveyance of the property.
¨ Development of a project that is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and reflective of the overall
character of the Carbondale community.
¨ Project that will exceed the City’s requirements of incorporating landscaping and green space as an integral
element of the development.
¨ Development should be designed and built in a manner that will serve to spur additional development of
adjoining properties.

Evaluation of Proposals / Selection of Developer for Project :
It is the intent of the City of Carbondale to select the proposal that best addresses the objectives as outlined in
this RFP and negotiate with a developer to determine that the proposed project is financially feasible and
capable of being completed. The following factors and criteria will be considered in evaluating proposals
submitted by developers for this project:

1. Experience of the individuals / developers and capacity to successfully complete the project. The developer
should have an established track record of commercial development and experience in being involved in
similar commercial redevelopment projects.
2. The overall scope of the project and proposed best use of the property.
3. Creativity in design and ability to integrate good planning techniques.
4. Local funds that the project will generate back to the City via sales tax, property tax, etc. Proposals that
offer the greatest economic potential and fiscal benefit to the City, and those meeting and exceeding the
development objectives as outlined in the RFP will receive priority consideration.
5. Purchase price of the property as offered by the developer and timeliness to demolish existing buildings.
6. Ability of development team to proceed with project in a timely manner.
7. Project is compatible and consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and local ordinances.
8. Potential of the project to spur additional investments, enhancing economic impact for the community.


  1. God knows what condition the interior of that place is.

  2. Pretty bad from what I hear, which is why the city wants it demolished rather than refurbished.