Friday, August 7, 2015

World Shooting and Recreational Complex

The World Shooting and Recreational Complex, located near Sparta Il and currently hosting the Grand American, is scheduled to close, by order of Gov. Rauner, sometime after the end of the Grand American.

I caught on the news this morning that the WSRC costs about $3 million per year to operate and generates about $1.2 million in revenues and another $40,000 in sales taxes for Sparta, meaning the state has to provide $1.8 million per year in subsidies to keep the complex open.

According to this press release, the Complex provided around 250 jobs when it first opened, but no indication how many the facility employs currently and of course there are the ancillary jobs generated by visitors to the center, such as in motels and restaurants. The question becomes, do these jobs generate enough to warrant infusing $1.8 million in tax dollars into the complex annually?

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