Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Halloween 2

City Council voted to remove the remaining restrictions on Halloween bar openings last night and now people can buy kegs without restriction as well.

Meanwhile, The Southern keeps re purposing 20 year old photos of Halloween celebrations past in its accompaniments to their stories about the change. You would think they would have a more recent photo showing more recent Halloween festivities.

People are not going to block the Strip any more. For one thing, the state is much more aggressive about not letting people block a state highway, then it was 20 years ago. Number 2, the city has an ordinance in place forbidding groups of people from congregating on sidewalks in the evening for long periods of time, mainly to prevent things like students "taking the Strip".

While students would regularly close down the Strip every weekend in the 1990s, I cannot recall any instances of it happening since the turn of the century, due to stepped up enforcement.

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