Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WSIU School Closings Info

WSIU is the only news oriented FM radio station in the area. School closings are news. So why in the world did WSIU not go over the list of them during Morning Edition this past Monday and Wednesday, instead  directing people to the WSIU website for the list of closings? They were able to read the list of closings Tuesday morning along with referring people to the website, which I was quite happy to hear.

What I truly found annoying was that WSIU found time to recap the story about some idiots shooting a snowplow on Monday, with no new information included except for the names. This time could have been used to go over school closings, much more useful to the local community. WSIU  has expanded its local news coverage, though I have some questions about the direction it has chosen to go, but not going over school closings, which is news about as local and useful as you can get and sending people to the website instead, appears to defeat the purpose of local radio.


  1. WSIU is useless anyway. Community Radio is far better since it acquired all the good programs that WSIU junked in the past.

  2. I listen to it for the news programs. Big fan of Morning Edition, All Things considered and State Week in Review.

  3. The main reason, I suspect, is that if you have kids in school, and the school is closed, the school has already contacted you about the closing. So I get one text about the one piece of info I need, and I don't have to have the radio waste time re-telling me about the one fraction that applies to me, and the large portion of closings which do not. What would be more useful (and I don't know that this has stopped) is closings/cancellations of community events, which might not have the means to contact participants, or may not know who was planning to attend.