Monday, September 15, 2014

Fat Bottom Betty's

Boondock's Seafood, east of town at the interaction of Hwy 13 Reed Station Road has reincarnated itself as Fat Bottom Betty's, serving  wood fired pizza as well as pasta and burgers.  Not certain how well this will do as, last time I counted, there were at least a dozen places in Carbondale to get pizza and I don't know of a large demand for pizza baked in wood fired ovens.

One thing in their favor is the lack of any other dedicated pizza restaurant on the east side of town. Casey's offers pizza and they are cited as one place to get a pie, especially when you are in a rush. After them, though, you have to drive to Pizza Hut. The questions at hand:  Is Fat Bottom Betty's good enough to draw diners to the outskirts of Carbondale? If so, can they stay in business long enough to get the word out?


  1. Word is getting out among my foodie cohort that Fat Bottom Betty makes a GREAT pizza. AND they have premium beer on tap (eg Dogfish Head, Deschutes), which is more than any other Carbondale pizza place can claim.

    I thought they were under new ownership/management, though, not the same as Boondocks.

  2. From what I have heard, FBB is still under the same ownership as Boondocks. I could be wrong. Could a reader confirm?