Tuesday, July 15, 2014

LCC and City Council Meetings Tonight wtih Changes Coming

Based on tonight's City Council agenda, it appears some name/business changes are coming to downtown.

It appears that the Premier Lounge, which does not look as if it had done any business in about a year (the last time I saw the place open was May 2013), will change name and ownership to Lounge LLC DBA Noah's Lounge.

Also it looks as if the Underground Barrel Room and Grill will move into the lower level of the Island complex, replacing the now closed Underground Bar and Grill.

There's a whole lot of stuff on the consent agenda, which, knowing our council, will have several items pulled from it for discussion with said items eventually get passed unanimously.

The council is also looking at revising allowing bowhunters to hunt deer on the city owned property around Cedar Lake. Given that the deer are causing substantial damage and eating much of the undergrowth with little in the way of natural predators, allowing hunting there appears a good idea.

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