Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BMX Park

Did you know that Carbondale has a BMX park?  Had a BMX park is probably a more apt description as these photos show since Mother Nature has pretty much reclaimed it. The top picture shows the main part of the track while the bottom one shows the announcer's stand poking up above the surrounding shrubbery.  On past the stand, completely hidden by the brush, are the remaining bleachers from which the audience could watch the racers.

The park is owned by the Carbondale Park district which, from what I understand, decided it was unable to continue maintaining it when the District ran into financial difficulties several years ago and decided that maintaining Hickory Ridge Golf Course was a better uses of the limited funding available and served more people than providing upkeep of the track for the far fewer BMX racers in the area.

The remains of the park are located south of the intersection of Pleasant Hill and McLafferty Roads, behind Evergreen Terrace and just a bit southeast of Williams Field.

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