Monday, February 11, 2013

Funding Requests

It's time for the annual requests for funding from the city by local civic organizations.  Funding will not be approved at this Tuesday's meeting, but organizations may make pitches to the council and the council members will discuss the various solicitations.  The only change the city staff recommended was to cut the Boys and Girls Club's request for $32,000 back to the 2012 grant of $30,000.

There are two unsolicited requests, one from the Varsity Center for the Arts for $30,000 to assist with the cost of repairs from sewer backup damage to the property and to replace drains in both theaters and install a protective seal on the front lobby doors to protect the building from future water damage.  The building does have drainage problems during heavy storms, due to its position at the bottom of a low hill, leading to flooding during periods of heavy rain.

Attucks Community Services is requesting $153,883 to help fund its program of youth and community programs.  This amounts to almost as much as the combined requests of all the organizations solicited by the city:  $188,150.

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