Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Navreet Kang on Attendance

Since Navreet Kang's comment was posted in response to a post of a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make sure more people read it:

I saw that a mention was made of my attendance at the Planning Commission meetings during the past year. Yes, it was 33% but it was due to some extenuating circumstances, and yes, I do care to elaborate. If anyone cares to go back longer, you're welcome to look it up at the city hall. My attendance record was even better, but here is my past five years' attendance record:

Year Attendance

2007 100%
2008 100%
2009 78%
2010 75%
2011 33%

In 2010, I had a baby boy, and my wife was working mostly evenings while I had to take care of my son during those times, thus missing the meetings. I had always offered to attend in case there was a lack of quorum to the Planning Division. I wanted to seek a seat on the City Council 3 years ago, but due to these commitments, I stayed back. Now my son will be 3 years old, and my wife having better employment hours, I will be able to devote all the time necessary to carry out my duties as a Councilman.

Navreet Kang

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