Friday, January 3, 2020

Preservation Committee Meeting

In case you are free at 2 p.m on Jan 7th, the preservation committee has a meeting scheduled, in case you want to weigh in. Looks as if the committee wants to plan an entire month of Preservation themed events for this May:

A. Plan for Preservation Month 2020
a. Discuss ideas for a historic bike ride
 b. Discus Picnic and Flag Raising
i. Cost of bands and venue
c. Discuss Logistics for the Gala
i. Is Art Space available during May 2020?
1. Cost for venue and caterer
ii. Cost for historic markers
d. Review past bus and audio tour guides and routes
 e. Month long initiative ideas
i. Radio and news historic tidbits for the day/ week
 ii. Call for historic photo donations
B. Discuss funding options
 a. Advertising budget
b. Fund raising
c. Create a budget to present to Development Services 

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