Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Patronize Restaurants

I was talking with the owner of one of the local restaurants up for sale. He mentioned a "customer" who called in, wanting to know when they were closing the business so they could pay a visit before it shuttered.  The owner told him they had no plans to close the restaurant (except at regular closing time, of course) and wanted to know if the customer wanted to put in a order or make a reservation. The customer's response:  "Oh no, I just wanted to eat there once more before you closed."

If you want local restaurants to stay open, you need to patronize them. I still remember the owner of Mississippi Flyway saying if they had gotten the business regularly that they did after announcing the restaurant was closing, it could have remained open. Similarly, the first time El Grecos closed, they had lines out the door for the last week. Nice, but it takes regular customers to keep a restaurant open Don't wait until the doors shutter and then wish it had never closed. If you want a restaurant to stay open. eat there.

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