Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Lee Fronabarger

I contacted former council member and current city council candidate Lee Fronabarger with questions about his candidacy. Here are his  unedited responses

Why did you decide to run?

I decided to run for Carbondale City Council after encouragement from several individuals within the community. And I wanted the opportunity to continue the progress made when I served previously on the Council for six years.

What do you hope to accomplish if you are elected?

Economic development and jobs creation towards a more diversified Carbondale economy is so key to the future of Carbondale and would include the development of a center for Start-Ups/Innovation, as well as Shared Services Space, like a State Approved Certified Kitchen where food products could be prepared for distribution in the local and regional markets.

To increase revenues into the community, I would encourage the city to partner with Carbondale Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Carbondale Main Street, Carbondale Community Arts, SIU & SIU Athletics, SIH, and CCHS to create events, festivals, day-trips, overnight adventures, conventions and conferences. We need to cycle more money into the local economy.

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