Friday, July 28, 2017

Dale's Burger Shack

Even with its grand opening a month away, according to this story, Dale's Burger Shack is doing very well. Even though competitor Fat Patties is recognized as one of the best burger places in the state, its downtown location hurts it significantly. Dale's Burger Shack's location in Murdale Shopping Center gives it access to both plenty of parking and two way traffic on Highway 13.

Fat Patties' downtown location, especially with the construction in downtown, has no readily accessible parking. Its most convenient parking is located behind the building and needs much bigger signage to call customer attention to it. In addition, it is located on a one way street, so that people heading south have to deal with the intersection of Hwy 51 and Mill Stree

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  1. I don't understand it when people say downtown is a disadvantage. Its a downtown area - its a city. Most SIU students (a majority anyway) are from the Chicago or STL area and know how cities operate. You pay for parking and you walk. This is how all downtown restaurants operate. Fat Patties is quickly becoming a destination eatery - meaning people find out about it online, etc and then seek it out. So location doesn't really matter. Fat Patties has nothing in common with McDonalds, Burger King, etc who get most of their business via impulse buying. I would actually say Dale's is at a disadvantage being on the west side of town and far from campus and most student housing. No one walks to Murdale. Long term I think downtown is a better location as the density of downtown Carbondale slowly increases, though more housing needs to be built downtown. In any event, Its nice that Carbondale has 2 local burger places and i hope both can prosper.