Friday, June 27, 2014

Year Round Farmers Market

There is a lot of interest in a location for a year round farmer's market in Carbondale, beyond the one that operates at the high school. The photo below (taken by D. Gorton) shows about half the room at the June 3 meeting held to explore the possibility:

The problem is, of course, funding. The city will raise its sales tax by 1/2% on July 1 to help cover pensions, among other expenses. If the city must raise taxes in order to pay current bills, it certainly does not have the money to fund the construction of a year round market building. The city, however, could provide land for the construction of such a structure. There are several plots of land in downtown that currently sit empty that the city could make available for a market building. However, it will probably be up to a private group to raise the funds for its construction

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