Friday, June 20, 2014

Delish Open

Delish opened very quietly this week. Located in the Old Corner diner/Jewel of India building at the corner of W. College and S. Illinois, signs advertise a number of Tex-Mex offerings as well as "Breakfast All Day", which differentiates Delish from Harbaugh's and Mary Lou's, since both of those close mid afternoon.

I can see Delish becoming a favored student hangout, especially if it offers lat night hours as it has more space than most other gathering spots in the city and free wifi. That might become a problem as the Corner Diner became a student hangout during its last years. Students would order a cup of coffee and take up table space for hours without ordering anything else. A business cannot subsist solely on coffee orders, unless you are moving large numbers of cups in a short period of time, ala Starbucks.

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