Saturday, June 20, 2020


Nobody in the city wants to see services cut. Also, nobody in the city wants to pay taxes. Taxes are the cost of having the city provide services. If you want lower taxes, you either need to find areas in which the city is spending money inefficiently or propose services the city should cut in order to lower those taxes.
In general, someone is always going to want those services that you might see as wasteful. There is a reason the city started providing them in the first place.  Someone wanted them. Of course, it is always easy to add taxes and services but much harder to take them away. About a year or so ago, the tax paying off the bonds that paid for roofing on Carbondale schools from 20 years ago was due to expire as the bonds had finally been paid off, However, the city needed that money to meet its budget and it was far easier to amend the  ordinance creating the tax to extend it than it was to let it lapse and have to pass another one. If I recall correctly, only about 3 people showed up at the council meeting when the amendment was passed and no one objected strenuously against it.

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