Thursday, May 14, 2020

City Council Meeting 5/12/2020

Caught the City Council meeting last Tuesday night. Logged into the meeting website  late so missed the consent agenda (oh darn). Started listening midway though the discussion on extending liquor licenses through the end of the year rather than having licenses expire at various times throughout 2020, which the council ultimately voted to do.

Since restaurants holding liquor licenses are currently only allowed, under the quarantine order, to offer pickup and delivery, a discussion of the status of alcohol came up. Since restaurants under their liquor license can sell alcohol on premises but not package liquor for customers to take home, this was seen as harming restaurant sales during a time when they were already struggling. Council voted  to allow,  for the duration of the emergency, restaurants with a liquor license to sell packaged beer and wine with the purchase of other food items.

The council also voted to recommend the following applicants for approval for state Business Stabilization Grants. All of them had to post their bank statements for the previous quarter on the city website for public viewing.   The vote appeared pretty non-controversial until Councilman Loos said he would vote against a grant for Midwest Medical Thermography because of the controversial nature of thermography and that he would vote against the entire list if  submitted as a whole. The council voted to remove and vote on Midwest Medical Thermography separately, then voted on the other fourteen applicants as a block, passing the recommendation unanimously. Council then voted on recommending the grant for Midwest Medical Thermography, which passed 4-3, if my notes are correct.  Council then adjourned for the evening.

Allied Physicians and Rehab of Southern Illinois, S.C. ($25,000)

Castle Perilous Games & Books ($24,980)

Cristaudo’s LLC ($25,000)

Dayemi Organization, Inc. dba Midwest Medical Thermography ($10,142)

Flame Eatery & Wine Bar, LLC ($25,000)

F-W-S Solid Surface Specialist dba F-W-S COUNTERTOPS ($25,000)

Hair Brains, Inc. ($16,213.74)

Los Gringos, Inc. (Tres Hombres) ($25,000)

My Hat Station Inc. dba Embroidery Station ($24,997.60) 

Pagliai’s Pizza of Carbondale, Inc ($25,000)

Sports Blast LLC ($25,000)

TE Enterprises, Ltd. d/b/a Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffees. ($24,982.50)

Toomey Enterprises, Inc dba Hangar 9 ($25,000)

True Adventures, LTD ($25,000)

Woodard Wellness Group, LLC ($25,000)