Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Southern Opinion Page

Noticed that the Southern has removed or discontinued its opinion page for the past couple of weeks. Do not not remember seeing any notice from the paper as to why they had dropped it or when/if it would. I rather miss the letters to the editor as some of the screeds published from various letter writers were, unintentionally I am sure, quite humorous.


  1. This is not the case for the online edition that has left Brett Rowland's right-wing think tank opinion about reducing (or even abolishing state) pensions there for over a week. Since The Southern has a supposedly "liberal" reputation, one wonders how sympatghetic the editors are to this proposal?

  2. Funny. I always viewed the Southern as having a center right leaning.

  3. I notice it is back in the paper today. Just took a hiatus I guess.