Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weber In?

Apparently rumors are floating about that U of I may release Bruce Weber after the end of the season and that, if so, SIUC may recruit him to take over the basketball program here.

Whoever is hired, they won't get anything like the money that Lowrey received, given that attendance at basketball games has dropped over 50% since the high of 7743 back in 2007, indicating that Saluki fans are comparatively fickle, willing to come out in support of the team when it does well but abandoning it in droves after 4 losing seasons.


  1. Weber seems like a good fantasy, but you have to assume that a paycheck in the Lowery ballpark would be required to land him. His record is pretty strong to take a home town discount coaching job.

  2. I hope the university is smart enough to not offer the next coach a $700,000 a year contract but won't hold my breath.

  3. OK, I'm dreaming the dream. Come on down Bruce!