Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sales Tax vs. Property Tax

The Southern's headline isn't quite right, since this is more a discussion than a debate. With the city facing a $5.8 million deficit over the next two years, something will have to happen. Either we raise more money or cut more costs. Cutting costs means someone's ox will be gored and those affected will point out how important the program to be cut is to the welfare of the community. Raising the sales tax should be hard since the council just put through the Saluki Way tax increase last year and I doubt they can find much support for another increase on top of it. Raising property taxes is another possibility and one the city manger has advanced as a means of closing the gap. I don't think this option would get much support from Mayor Cole as a good part of his mayoral campaigns rested on his leadership in the elimination of the C'dale property tax and it certianly wouldn't be politcally opportune for the re-instatement of the tax at a time when he is seeking statewide office.

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